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   I suffer from instability in life, I have to struggle for everything
   I daydream a lot, feel lazy and tend to postpone issues
   I afraid to spend money, that I will run out
   I have pain in tailbone / legs/ knees/ bones
   I have a lot of anger/ resentment within me
   I am afraid to cry, I repress my tears I don’t want to appear weak
   I feel insure and afraid. probably there is black magic
   I find it hard to express pleasure by myself and often with others
   I have back pain / muscle pains / kidney / bladder / sexual problem
   I have a pattern of giving my power to others and putting myself
   I am afraid of power, I have experience a lot of people misusing their power and don’t want to do this
   I feel angry / irritated often. I feel victimized
   I have acidity / indigestion / stomach problems
   I have hard time expressing forgiveness
   I am very possessive and demanding in relationships
   I sacrifice a lot to maintain my relationships. I fear rejection
   I often have grief / loneliness / depression
   I often have allergies / chest pain / lungs congestion or cold sweats, fever, heart or asthama / blood related issues.
   I feel like other people don’t hear me and I have a hard time expressing my ideas clearly.
   I feel shy and timid often and feel low confidence
   I have sleep problems / thyroid / neck, shoulder pain and often suffer from ear problem / stuffy, running nose or sore throat, cold and cough
   I have a hard time seeing my life any different that it currently is, I feel like things will never change
   I am obsessed with perfection and take life with ego and seriousness
   I find hard to accept situations and people the way they are.
   I have high temper
   I frequently experience headaches / sinus problem / eye problem.
   I think obsessively and am always confused. I don’t feel aligned to people.
   I feel like the heavens are closed for me, I have hard time feeling like I receive inspiration.
   I feel like I am on my own that my prayers and meditation are not heard or received with a higher power.
   I suffer from skin diseases or migraines.

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